Courage & Cost

Home from one of my favourite nights of the year, Animiikig night at Native Earth’s Weesagachek Festival which is an evening of excerpts of new work. What really resonated with me tonight is the idea that the sharing of stories, and in particular, ones grown from our own bodies and beings, have cost. All shared stories cost the one doing the sharing, because there is much at risk. All the more so, if the storyteller is a person of colour. And even more acutely for a woman of colour. It has cost, and it takes courage.

When I think back to my favourite works of my own – well, the ones I really hold the most dear, they are also the ones that cost me the most. I cannot say that those particular works were done with the most self-care. And yet, in hindsight, the risk was worth it. I am not saying so to be boastful or romantic about it – just being honest.

In any case, I am writing about this, because Suvendrini Lena’s debut script The Enchanted Loom, makes me feel this way – in that it reveals an artist at their most raw, most vulnerable, most honest, most authentic. It’s a gorgeous, completely unique voice that sheds light on trauma in a way I have never seen or considered before. To me, that makes it very exciting art indeed.


The Protest, featuring the ensemble of THE ENCHANTED LOOM by Suvendrini Lena. Photo by Dahlia Katz