Opening Tonight: The Enchanted Loom

If any play or work could accurately reflect a Cahoots’ aesthetic over the last 30 years of staging diversity, it would be THE ENCHANTED LOOM. Suvendrini Lena’s debut play is a deeply theatrical and political work nestled inside the very personal story of a family in crisis. The first time that I encountered her script, I was struck by Suvendrini’s authentic and accessible way in which she portrays medical text inside a highly dramatic scene.  It was later that I learned that Suvendrini is also a practicing doctor. As such, she brings her own discipline of medicine to her incisive work as a writer, working across disciplines in the truest fashion. Not only does this require a sophisticated knowledge of the medical (neurology, in her case), but also a nuanced sense of drama and dialogue. Add to this, the playwright’s exploration of the diasporic Tamil community, in order to bring light to the tumultuous ending of Sri Lanka’s civil war through the eyes of one family, her play speaks uniquely to the stories of our city, and our time. At Cahoots, we feel obligated to explore and expose society’s scars through the safety of our practice, while many around the world and here in Toronto, are directly impacted from such conflicts. In Suvendripeacock-feather-20067282ni’s play, she speaks of a feather, that can break the axle of wheel. Cahoots is a small company, but in bringing long-neglected stories to the stage, we strive to be that feather.